War Card Game Rules


War is a simple card game that involves absolutely no skill, so it’s perfect for children or for killing time. It can be played with any kind of deck and it”s usually played between two players, but it can be modified for more players.

The Deal

All you have to do is deal out all cards face down between the two players. If you are playing with a deck that has Jokers, take them out or make sure there is an even amount of cards(so that both players get the same amount of cards).

The Game

It doesn’t get any simpler than this… both players turn the top card of their pile and the player with the stronger card wins. The winning player takes the two cards and puts them face down on the bottom of his pile. The game continues like this until one of the players has all the cards.

The War

When both players have the same strength card, a war occurs… this doesn’t mean that the two player beat the hell out of each other, but rather that they do the following:

  • First, they both put the card on the table face up.
  • Second, they both put another card face down on the previous card.
  • Third, they both put another card on top, face up. The player that has the highest card takes all of the card on the table.

In case the new top cards are of the same strength, just keep stacking cards on in the same fashion until someone wins.

war card game
Let there be war!

Modifications for more players

If you want to play War between more players, just evenly deal out the cards and play a regular game. When you are playing with a standard 52 card deck, a maximum of four players can go to war at a time, the rest lose automatically. For fighting a war, just use the above rules for two players and keep stacking cards until only one player has the strongest card.

That’s it, that’s War, like I said, simple! Enjoy playing!