UNO is Great!


Even before you started bluffing at Texas Hold ‘Em or even before you developed a counting and betting system for Blackjack, you’ve probably played Uno cards in your childhood. Primarily relying on colors and a number system that includes zero to nine, this game brings fast-paced action and a competitive gaming experience, keeping players engaged.

Playing Uno Cards

Don’t know how to play Uno? Well, fret not because it is easy to learn the rules and it is still pretty much a fun game to play. Typically, Uno is played by four players. Each player is dealt a hand of colored and numbered cards. A pile of cards is accumulated face up in the middle while the remaining cards are part of the draw deck on the side.

As the players take turns, they are required to either place a card that matches the last card on the face-up pile, or they have to draw a card from the deck. This continues on until a player’s hand is trimmed down to a single card. At this point, to grab the attention of the other players, the winning player must shout “Uno!” The first player to get rid of all their cards is declared the winner.

Online Uno Cards

Thanks to the digital age, you don’t have to organize a slumber party just to play online card games. Uno is available on Xbox Live as well as on a number of gaming sites online and even here! Some versions of the game even allow the players to tweak some of the variables like a scoring system that lets the game go on for multiple rounds.

You can either play against artificial intelligence opponents or have a friendly competition with some online friends. The great thing about this is you just have to pay a minimal fee as compared to buying the whole deck of Uno cards! If you want to enjoy a fast-paced and fun card game, give Uno a try!