The History of UNO


Want to know who thought of this fun card game that later become popular all over the world? Then keep reading!

UNO was invented in 1971 by Merle Robbins. The story goes, that he got into an argument with his son about a similar card game called Crazy Eights. He then solved the argument by creating a new game that he named UNO.

Later on he and his family produced first few thousand deck that they sold directly from Merle’s barber shop.

After that the game gained in popularity, it is a really fun game after all. So in 1981 Merle sold the rights to UNO to International Games for 50.000$ and royalties of 0.10$ a deck.

Merle later died in 1984 at the age of 72.

Today UNO is still gaining in popularity and with the development in technology and the Internet it’s already spread online and into video game format.

But UNO going digital is not the only new thing. The cards are changing as well, since their creation there have been hundreds of different decks produced. Some newer decks are even getting new cards added to them, so apparently the entire history of this young game is yet to be written…