How to Build a Tower of Cards


Building a tower of cards is easy and it’s the first stepping stone to building some awesome card structures. How the actual building is done seems pretty obvious, but let’s take it step by step anyway…

Step 1.

Make the first few up-side-down V formations out of two cards. It’s simple, just keep a steady hand and make sure they are sturdy so they won’t collapse later on. You can even use the already up Vs’ to provide extra support for the new Vs’ by making them touch at the base.


Step 2.

Solidify your V base with a few first floor cards. The best way to do this is to put up every second card first and then the remaining cards. This way you’ll have a nicely leveled base that you can build on.


Step 3.

Build more levels! Now repeat steps one and two on the second level/floor and then the third level and fourth level and so on until you get to the top. That’s it, you’re done, congratulations!


Useful tips:

  • This is not a video game, you can’t save your progress, so be careful
  • Decide beforehand how many levels you want. If you’ll start adding more Vs from the bottom up when you are on, let’s say fourth level, your structure could become crooked and collapse because the base wasn’t leveled.
  • Try to use non plastic cards(they’re slippery!) or even better, try using tarock cards at the beginning, they are big and way easier to build with.
  • If you can, find a not too slippery surface to build on and make sure you have enough space and cards.

I wish you much success and good luck building you tower of cards!