Top 5 Video Poker Games Online


Video poker games are great if you want interaction and situations where you are forced to decide which cards to play and to use your skills. They are games with a fairly fast gameplay and are suitable for players that feel like loners, and don’t want to play at a poker table interacting and feeling the pressure from other poker players.

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Below you will find a list of 5 great video poker games that can be played online arranged in an ascending order based on their average RTP. We also have found a games website suitable for Australians where lots of video poker games can be found, so enjoy!

5. Tens or Better

This video poker game can be found mainly where Microgaming games can be found and is designed in a way that both veteran and beginner players can find their way through it without trouble. You can make minimum bets of 0.25 up to 25, and there is the option to double a win, as in most of the video poker games. It is very much similar to Jacks or Better, there are no wild cards, and the RTP is 99.14%, which is generous considering the game rules.

4. Deuces Wild

With a payout percentage of 99.37%, this is one of the best paying games when playing on a longer term, especially the multi-hand version. All cards with a face value of 2 are wilds, making it easier to form a winning combination.


3. Joker Poker

A lot of online gaming sites have this video poker game in their offer. The same goes for the others on this list, but this one seems to appear more, although not more than Jacks or Better. If you find a way to play it with the perfect strategy, you can come to a point where the payout percentages is 99.54%, and with little luck to win several hefty amounts you can leave it with a pocket full of cash. Here the joker is a wild card.

2. All Aces

This game comes with a truly massive 99.92% payout, which is almost unheard for other games. It’s a game that you should be looking for when you have the taste for video poker. It offers bigger payouts than other video poker games, especially with four-of-a-kind hands.

1. Jacks or Better

There is hardly a place where video poker games can be found without this one. Jacks or Better is probably the most played video poker game. It has the same percentage as All Aces, but it deserves the top spot because of its popularity.