Top 5 Unique Playing Cards With Cool Designs


Card games have been around for centuries. The French may have solidified what is now known as the modern-day 52-card deck in the 1400s, but history claims that the first set of playing cards date back to around the 9th century AD and the Tang dynasty. 

Over time, different cultures came up with their decks, and these inventions have been responsible for gathering people at dining tables for over two millennia. However, these activities were not always leisure, as they often included money. 

Today, people no longer have to sit at the same table to gamble, as thanks to technology, they can play poker online and other similar games via the internet. That said, if you still crave the element of social interaction and want a way to spruce up your weekly card game, have you considered getting a unique deck of cards? Below we list what we believe are the top such options worth exploring.  

X-Ray Cards

This deck gives a whole new meaning to the phrase face card. Translucent plastic is the material used here, and when you hold up a card, all your opponent gets to see is a haunting image of a skull, but not the card’s value or suit. Only the side facing you displays those elements. The stunning effect is possible due to halftone printing, where the front of each card gets printed in blue, while the back in black. You have to see this deck in real-life to appreciate its awesomeness.

Tim Burton Playing Cards

Few filmmakers can say that they have such a distinct style that they’ve created their aesthetic. Inspired by German expressionism, Tim Burton is one such example. All his fans need is to see one still from a film, and they can instantly tell if he had something to do with it. Now, thanks to Dark Horse Comics, Tim Burton has overseen and approved a deck of cards featuring his most creepy characters represented by pen and watercolor illustrations.

Space Invaders Playing Cards

If you’ve spent more than a few hours in an arcade, or are a child of the 1980s, then you are well aware of this revolutionary game. Released in 1978, in only four years, Space Invaders became the highest-grossing entertainment product at the time. Now, you can enjoy a licensed deck featuring a perforated design that creates an 8-bit pixelated look.

Bruce Lee Playing Cards

An actor, a philosopher, and martial arts pioneer, Bruce Lee, may have departed this earth too soon, but he left his mark on the world in many ways. In 2018, Art of Play released a poker-sized commemorative deck that features 52 quotes from the movie icon. The back design features a Chinese dragon in the colors of his famous Game of Death suit, yellow and black.

Fraggle Rock Playing Cards

Similar to Tim Burton, Jim Henson is another artist to achieved recognition for having a unique vision. Most famous as the creator of The Muppets, his series Fraggle Rock also left an indomitable impression on those that grew up in the 1980s. Naturally, cards featuring puppets are not suitable for the poker table, but they are for any card game that you can play with your children.