Three of the Best Themed Card Games


Card games have been entertaining us since time immemorial. Their first historical mention was all the way back in the 9th century. Originating in China during the famous Tang dynasty, which is regarded as not only a high point in civilization but a golden age for cosmopolitan culture, they soon become a popular form of entertainment amongst the royal family.

Fast forward all the way to the 21st century, and their presence has spread around the globe. Playing cards have entertained everyone from the poorest Medieval peasants through to the rich and famous figures of today, and continue to hold a truly universal appeal. They have been interpreted, re-interpreted, and produced in all sorts of amazing formats.

To celebrate their diversity, here are three of the best themed card games for you to enjoy.

The Walking Dead Card Game


Source: Facebook via The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead franchise has spawned everything from its original comic book incarnation through to a television series and its spin-offs, action figures, and video games, so it’s no surprise that an enterprising individual decided to use it as the inspiration for a card game too.

This action-packed adventure centres around surviving in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world, and involves equal parts luck and skill to win it. Available to play in two different game modes – hero and survival – it’s suitable for ages 15 plus, and can be played by anything from two to 10 players. It’s perfect for breaking out when you have visitors in need of entertaining.

Top Trumps Ancient Egypt


Source: Pixabay

Ancient Egypt has acted as the inspiration for dozens of different types of games, from video games like Civilization V through to the Book of Dead slot which is available at online casinos like LeoVegas. These typically borrow from the era’s aesthetic, mythology, culture, and history, and Top Trumps Ancient Egypt follows in their footsteps.

Filled with historical characters, interesting facts, and informative pictures, it happens to be not only educational but vastly entertaining too. The objective is simple: use a combination of knowledge and guesswork to outwit your opponents and collect all 30 cards for yourself.

Card of the Dead

Zombies seem to be a pretty popular theme for card games, and Card of the Dead is another awesome game that utilizes this trope. To set the scene, this survival action game has its players trapped in a town full of zombies, with this ravenous undead horde blocking every viable exit. Requiring both luck and brains of its victors, it dictates that each player is dealt a hand of cards, containing zombies, items, and events.

With each turn, an additional card is drawn. If it happens to be a zombie, the player places it in front of themselves; if it’s anything else, they add it to their hand and play the card of their choice. The winner is either the player who lays down a pre-determined number of exit cards, or else the last man or woman who’s left alive. It offers a truly thrilling evening of fun.

Which of these amazing themed games would you like to play first?