The Best Ways to Complement Your Card-Playing Nights


Whether you’re playing competitively for a small pot or simply aiming to have the bragging rights at your next social gathering, playing your favourite card games has often been seen as one of the best ways to relax amongst friends.

With a plethora of variants available that cater for all gaming preferences, hosting a card-playing game night is the perfect way to bring people together whilst pitting your wits against individuals of varying ability.

In some of the more competitive card playing environments, it’s often a good idea to break up the night in order to ensure that people are constantly entertained, and with that in mind, below is a quick look at a few ways you can enhance your card-playing activities.

Good Snacks Are a Must

As well as having something to nibble on, it’s actually been proven that some foods can actually improve concentration and focus, which could well make things interesting when it comes to some of the more complex card games such as bridge and Texas Hold’em.

Of course, you’ll need to make yourself aware of your guests’ dietary requirements before putting on food in order to avoid any mishaps but in the main, you can’t go wrong with pretzels, mini-quiches, nuts and an assortment of fruit. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to include a vegan or vegetarian option – we don’t want any trouble.

Snus Not Smoke

Given the emergence of e-cigarettes, theres a good chance that one of your guests will smoke in some way, shape, or form. Rather than them leaving the room or lighting up at the card table and potentially inconveniencing people, it may be a good idea to stock up on snus.

Snus are a nicotine substitute which are growing in popularity all over the world and are a great alternative for those wanting to get their fix. What’s more, a number of overseas websites including are offering free delivery to the UK, which ensures you get the highest quality of product without paying over the odds. When one of your guests requests to step outside, try offering them snus as an alternative.


Incorporate Other Games and Activities

Whilst card games should undoubtedly be your main focus, it won’t do any harm to lighten the mood and break the night up with other games such as beer pong or pictionary as a way to chill some of the more competitive players out (let’s face it, we all know a few of those). You could even throw a game of truth or dare at the end of the night when everyone is worse for wear and let the fun ensue.

Card Games Are On The Up

Card games are perfect for a games night due to the fact that they’re fairly easy to play and it doesn’t take a great deal of planning to get them set up. All you need a is few chips, a deck of cards and a few willing participants and you’re all set – with the aforementioned additional extras, your games night is sure to be a success.