Suck and Blow, Suck Me, Card Sucking Game


by Philip

suck and blow suck me card sucking game
Drinking vodka

Suck and Blow is a drinking game with a sexual element. You’ve probably at least seen it in movies or maybe even played it your self at some point.

The point of the game is to get a playing card from one person to the next by using your lips and your suction power.

Players arrange themselfs in a circle and the first player puts a card on his/her lips and sucks so that it sticks. Then he/she turns to the next player who takes the card “off his/her hands” by pressing his/her lips agains the card and sucking.

Whoever drops the card has to drink and the game continues from the person that dropped the card.

Obviously this game is meant for a mixed boy/girl crowd, unless you roll the other way:) Up to you…

Have fun “sucking and blowing”:)