Spider Solitaire Card Game



Spider solitaire card game is a popular variation of solitaire card games. You can play it at home or on your computer, but if you intend to play with actual cards, you might need up to eight decks(depending on the difficulty you choose). Either way, here are the rules…

Object of the game:

The objective of the game is to group all of the cards on the table into sequences. A sequence is an uninterrupted run of upward-facing cards of the same suit in descending order, for example: T of Spades, 9 of Spades, 8 of Spades and 7 of Spades. You basically finish when all columns for sequences.

The layout of the game:

The game is played with 2 decks(104 cards). Depending on the difficulty you wish to achieve you can chose to play with either 1 or all 4 suits.

The cards are arranged into 10 columns (total of 54 cards) with the top card of each column facing up and the rest facing down (The player must build their rows of descending cards on these 10 stacks). The other 50 cards are left somewhere on the table and are later used to deal new cards.

How it’s played:

When you are all set up, just start forming sequences of same suits. If you run out of possible moves, you can use the remaining 50 cards to deal out another row of cards on top of the 10 piles. Like in regular solitaire, you can move either one or more cards, but if you want to move more than one, they have to form a sequences.