Solitaire History


Solitaire is a game that is perceved as being a solo game, but it wasn’t always so… Keep reading to learn more about Solitaire history.

Solitaire card games have been around for more than 200 years. It is belived that at first they ware a way of fortune telling(fortune depending on whether the game actually worked out). They supposedly originated in Germany, but spread through Europe rather quickly.

The French especially adopted the game. It’s said that Napoleon played Solitaire durning his exile. The game was actually a competative one at first. Players competed who could finish first or who could get further in the game. Todays one persone game that you can find on any PC is actually what players used to do to practice for competing with others.

In the 19th cetury the game reached Britain. It’s said that Prince Albert really liked to play the game and had a big part in it’s popularisation.

So Solitaire kept gaining in popularity and like any other card game it got new versions, actually hundreds of them. But the game had a flaw, you had to do a lot of prep work before you could start playing and it could be so that the game would end rather quickly. That flaw was fixed thanks to computers.

After the invention of PCs anyone could play Solitaire without any long and boring preparation. So as you might have guessed Solitaire gained even more popularity and today it is a standard part of any Windows operating system. Also you can find many variations of Solitaire online, so if you get bored of one, you’re only a few clicks away from another couple of hours of wasted time… I mean fun:)

A woman playing Solitaire

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