by Johnny

Getting drunk in a SNAP!

Snap is a simple and fun game, that requires very little mental ability and skill, so it’s perfect for getting drunk!


Use a standard 52 card deck. Each round one player is appointed the dealer(he can either play or not, your choice). All the players sit around a table(or in a circle on the floor, again, your choice) and the dealer starts turning cards face up one by one on a pile. Each time he turns a card he also has to say it’s value(or all the players can say it, if you want to get loud).

This goes on until two cards of the same value come up one after the other. When this happens, all the players have to try to be the first to “snap” on the pile(hit it with their hand). The one that is the fastest can then appoint the number of drinks equile to the number of cards in the pile to any player that he wishes(or he can spreed them around).

When the dealer runs out of cards, the round’s over and a new dealer is appointed.

OPTIONAL: You can implament a rule that says, that all players must have their “snapping” hand behind their back at all times, to avoid any cheating.

Have fun playing!