How to Shuffle Poker Chips


OK, let’s learn how to shuffle poker chips… This is probably the most common chip trick, if it can even be called a trick, and pretty much any poker player knows how to do it. It’s a great way to pass time at a poker table and also a great way to relive stress. Actually it’s probably an even better way to relive stress than a stress ball (I usually even shuffle chips while playing online).

Anyway, let’s take it step by step…

Step 1.

Arrange your chips in to two even stacks. Now you have to place your fingers correctly, at first it might feel very unnatural, but with time it will become as easy as holding your remote and turning on the TV.

Place your pinky at the bottom right of your right stacks (Reverse everything if you are left handed). Then place your ring finger on the top right of that same stack. Now you should be at this point:


Doing OK? Great! Let’s continue… put the middle finger between both chip stacks like this:


OK, final part of the grip, place your index finger on the top left of your left stack and your thumb on the bottom left of that same stack. Now you should be at this point:


Step 2.

All that’s left to do is to shuffle those chips! You do that by pushing both stacks into each other with your thumb, index, ring and pinky fingers and steadily lifting the chips up with your middle finger. When you get smoother at it, your motion should feel a lot like you are petting a cat or something. Some visual instructions:


Oh yeah, and obviously, when they are shuffled in between each other, push them together to get one stack.

Useful tips:

  • Try shuffling only 4 chips at first and add more when you get the hang of it.
  • Start of on a soft surface (like a couch or a bed), it’s much easier to shuffle poker chips on a soft surface.
  • Practice! It takes some time to learn, but when you do, it’ll be like second nature.

Have fun shuffling poker chips and good luck!