Rules of Rummy


Kalooki 51/40

A game for two to four players played with 2 standard 52 card deck plus 4 jokers. The dealer is decided by a high card draw. All players get 13 cards. It can be played as either Kalooki 51 or Kalooki 40, the difference is in the amount of points needed to lay down the first melds in the hand(they have to be worth either 51 or 40 points).

Goal of the game:

The object of the game is to form melds(sets(example: QQQ) and runs(example: 4s5s6s)). At the end of the game points are awarded for remaining cards in the hands(explained below) and the player that drops all the cards in his hand wins.

How the game runs:

The player that starts the game draws a card from the stock(decks) and then discards one card. The next player has the option to draw a card from the stock or from the discard pile and then discards a card. The game continues in this fashion. When a player forms enough melds that are in combine worth 51(40) points or more he can put those melds on the table(but doesn’t have to) and other players can then add to these melds when they open up with 51(40) points as well.

If someone uses a joker(can be used as any card) to form a meld, another player can take that joker if he replaces it with the card that it is representing(if the joker is in a set, both missing cards must be added to take the joker).

How the game ends:

The game ends when a player discards his last card and thus wins.

Points system:

All face cards(K, Q, J) are worth 10 points, A is worth 11 points and all other cards are worth their face value.

After one of the players wins the others get penalty points equal to the value of the cards left in their hands.

Real time tutorial:

If you want to learn the rules in a real time tutorial just download RummyRoyal software, register a basic play money account and open up the lobby! You will see this:


Then just click either Kalooki 51 or Kalooki 40 tutorial and start learning!