Rules of rummy games


Rummy! A fun game popular with the youngsters, but also played in some card rooms and online. If you want to learn the rules of rummy, you’ve come to the right place.

Since there are many variations of rummy and I can not cover the rules for all of them here(at least not yet), I’ll only present you with the rules to the most popular rummy games. The most popular rummy game is supposed to be Gin Rummy, which is really popular in its country of birth, USA.

Second, more popular in Europe is Kalooki(I played a lot of Kalooki 51 with friends when I was a kid). That would be it, but I’ll throw Rummy 500, Five Crowns and Shanghai Rummy in there as well for good measure.

So here we go, Gin Rummy, Kalooki, Shanghai Rummy, Five Crowns and Rummy 500.

There is also another game similar to rummy(maybe a funky variation) called Hand&Foot, you can find more details on this website.

After you learn the rules and some basic rummy startegies you might want to check out the section on online rummy. There you will not only find online rummy card rooms where you can play for real money or just for fun against other rummy players, but also some free rummy games that you can play against the computer.