Rules for UNO


Rules for UNO are pretty simple. It’s played with UNO cards that you can get online or in pretty much any local games store. Each set of cards includes number cards from 0 to 8 in four colors and special cards.

How the game runs:

So here we go, rules for UNO, from the beginning to the end. At the beginning of the game each player is dealt 7 cards and one card from the deck is turned up next to the deck. The game starts with the first player throwing a card on the up card, the card must be of the same color or the same number. Then the next player does the same(except the card has to be of the same color or number as the card that the previous player threw away). The game continues in this fashion.

If a player doesn’t have a card that he could throw away, he has to draw a card from the deck. If he still doesn’t have a fitting card, it’s the next players turn.

If someone has a card of the same color and the same number, he can throw it on even if it’s not his turn(if he’s fast enough:)) and then the play continues from that player. You can also do this with Draw cards and then the player next of the guy who cut in has to draw for all the Draw cards on the pile(Example: Player1 throws on Draw 2, Player3 cuts in with another Draw 2 card(skipping Player2), now Player4 has to draw 4 cards and continue the action).

When a player has only one card left he has to yell out »UNO!«. If he doesn’t and then throws away his last card when it’s his turn again, he has to draw another card from the deck.

A player wins when he throws away his last card.

Special cards:

Reverse – This card can be thrown on if it’s the right color. If it’s used, then the action turns around(if it was clockwise before it’s now anticlockwise or vise versa).

Stop – This card can be thrown on if it’s the right color. It means that the action jumps over the next player(he loses his turn).

Draw 2 – This card can be used if it’s one of the two colors shown on it. It makes the next player draw 2 cards and also gives the option of choosing one of the two colors to the person that threw it on.

Draw 4 – It’s the same principal as Draw 2, except the next player has to draw 4 cards and the person that threw it away can chose between all 4 colors.

Draw 5 – The same as Draw 4, except everyone playing has to draw 5 cards from the deck(except the player that threw it on)

Change color(Wild) – Can be used on any card and it gives the option of choosing a color to the player that threw it away.


After each game the losing players count the value of the cards they still have in their hands. Now you can either play for lowest score and each player gets his points or you can play for high score and the winning player gets points equal to the value of all the cards in his opponents hands. You can play for as long as you want or set what score must be reached for someone to win the whole thing.

Card values:

All cards through 8 = Face value
Draw 2 = 20 points
Reverse = 20 points
Stop = 20 points
Change color = 50 points
Draw 4 = 50 points
Draw 5 = 100 points

Last words…

Elsewhere you might also find different rules for UNO than I presented here. That’s fine, a lot of people play UNO in slightly different ways, but I always played according to these rules with my friend and I can guarantee you that it’s loads of fun.