Regular Card Games vs. Casino Card Games


Card games have been popular for a long time. In fact, they have been popular for centuries. It’s a social thing, mostly, even though there are games that you can play alone. One obvious example is Solitaire. When a group of people are playing cards, they can either play for fun, or, if they want to make things more interesting, they can make wagers on the outcome of the game.

Cards have always been associated with gambling and casinos, ever since the first casino was established. According to most accounts, the first gambling facility was established in Italy in the 17th century.

Gambling never lacked any popularity, but with the introduction of online casinos and online gambling it seemed that the number of people who play casino games would keep on growing. Furthermore, casinos and casino gaming have become part of mainstream culture and have been immortalized in numerous high-profile films, such as Casino Royale, 21, The Cincinnati Kid and many more.

And that’s exactly what happened. Today, we have a pretty large number of online casinos in operation and if you’re looking for the best online casino location, you might want to have a look at this review for a special no deposit bonus, it’ll surely be helpful.

Most Popular Card Games

Even though, as we said, card games have always been played in casinos and other gambling establishments, there are differences between regular card games and casino card games.

These are the most popular regular card games:

The most popular casino card games include:

It is of course, possible to play casino card games in a non-casino environment, and even without making a wager on the outcome. But the point is that, casino games are basically made for wagering, whereas other games aren’t. The opposite is also possible, you could make wagers on non-casino card games.

Casino games involve a risk

The main difference, between casino and regular card games lies in the financial incentive. When you’re playing casino card games, you’re risking your money, hoping to win more than you’ve wagered. There’s an element of risk involved. Casino card games can be played either against the dealer, or against other players. Blackjack is an example of a game which is played against the dealer, whereas Poker is played against other players.

  • The house edge is very important for casino card games;
  • There is an element of financial risk;
  • Casino card games may include both elements of luck and skill.

The house edge signifies the advantage of the house, i.e. the casino in the game. For example, if the house edge is 2%, that means that the players lose 100 on every 98 that they’ve won, per average. The house edge ensures that the casino will make a profit at the end of the day. As for games where players compete against other players, there’s usually an entrance fee, so that’s how the casino makes its profit.

However, as far as games of skill are involved, the players can improve their winning chances by employing the best playing strategy. Adjustments in the rules and options that are available in a particular game, influence the house edge. For example, a Blackjack variant where it is possible to split two aces has a lower house edge, compared to a variant where that isn’t an option.

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Minors can’t play casino games

Another thing that differentiates regular card games from casino games is the fact that there’s no limit on who and where can play regular card games.

  • Regular card games can be played by people under the age of 18, even by young children;
  • You can play regular card games anywhere;

Every country, even the one with most liberal attitude towards casinos and gambling has strict rules regarding casinos and casino games. Operators have to obtain licenses and run their casinos in accordance with the laws. Moreover, minors, which means people under the age of 18, 19, or 21 depending on the law of the country aren’t allowed to visit casinos and play real money casino games, regardless whether we’re talking of online or land-based casinos.

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There are a few similarities

It wouldn’t be accurate to speak only of the differences when we compare casino and non-casino card games. In addition to the fact that both are played with one or multiple decks of cards, it has to be noted that both can be extremely fun and that both can be played either alone or by a group of people.

Furthermore, many online casinos nowadays allow visitors to play games just for fun, without wagering any real money. Many fans of regular card games, occasionally try their luck playing casino games and vice-versa, many casino fans enjoy playing a round of Solitaire, or perhaps War or Slapjack with their children.