Red or Black?


Two player drinking card game

This is one of few drinking card games that is designed specifically for two players. Red or black is similar to »flipping a coin« with cards, but has a few twists that make it more fun and exciting.

What do you need?

Not much. All you need to play is:

  • Two players
  • A deck of cards
  • Drinks(anything will do, depending on how drunk you want to get)

That’s it… well a table and two chairs would also be nice, but they’re not mandatory.

How is it played?

The first player has to guess the color of the top card in the deck. He has to do this three times in a row. If he is successful, he can either pass the guessing to his opponent or he can continue guessing. If he decides to continue, he has to guess correctly three times in a row again.

Anytime that a player guesses incorrectly he has to start from scratch(he’s next guess is the first of the three required guesses to pass the guessing to his opponent) and he has to drink as many drinks as there are cards on the table plus one drink for the incorrect guess. So, let’s say that one player guessed correctly once and failed at his second guess, he then has to drink two drinks.

Every time a player makes a wrong guess and has to drink, the cards are reshuffled into the deck. When a player makes all the right guesses, the cards stay on the table and wait for the next player to guess incorrectly. So, let’s say one player made three correct guesses and passed the action, and the other player guessed incorrectly on the first try… now this player has to drink four drinks(three for the cards left by the previous player, plus one for his wrong guess).


This game can be played into oblivion… well technically till the deck runs out, but that is pretty impossible… so make sure you stop at a sensible time. Anyway, it’s a fun game, if you are alone with a friend or partner, or if you want to have a competition.

Enjoy it and play responsibly!