drinking card game

Pyramid is a simple, yet very fun, drinking game. It can be played with as many players as you want, as long as you have enough cards (decks of cards). So let’s see what you need and how it’s played…

What do you need

Well, like for pretty much any other drinking card game, you need:

  • One or more decks of cards (depends on how many people are playing)
  • Drinks (preferably something like wine mix, beer or cocktail shots, because hard liquor is a bit too much for this game)
  • Players!

How it’s played

Like I said, it’s simple. First you have to decide how big of a game you want and build an appropriate pyramid from cards. You do this by placing a row of, let’s say, seven cards face down on the table and then another row of six face down cards and so on until you have a pyramid ending with a one card row.

After you’ve built your pyramid, deal out the remaining cards in the deck evenly to the players. Each player should have at least four cards. In case you run out, just add another deck.

OK, everything is prepared, let’s play! Dealer opens up the first card in the first row (the one at the bottom, with the most cards in it). Any player that has the same rank card in his hand can (but doesn’t have to) table it and award someone 1 drink. The game continues in this fashion, with the dealer opening cards one by one… but there’s something else.

For a matching card in the first row, a player can award 1 drink, for a matching card in the second row he can award 2 drinks and so on. That’s why you can chose to not table your card in lower rows and hope you will be able to award a lot more drinks in higher rows.

The game ends when all cards in the pyramid are turned over… or when all players pass out.

Special rules

  1. Whoever runs out of cards can’t be nominated to drink for the rest of the game
  2. If you still have cards in your hand at the end of the game, you have to drink the number of drink equal to the number of your leftover cards.

Enjoy playing the Pyramid drinking card game, and remember, play responsibly!