Poker rules


OK, you want to learn the rules of poker? Well… I’ll have to disappoint you. There are just too many variations of the game to explain them all… BUT, since you’re already here I guess I should at least explain the rules of a few of the most popular variations.

All poker variations can be roughly categorized into three major »families«:

-Stud family(stud games)

-Hold’em family(community card games)

-Draw family(draw games)

Currently the most popular game is defiantly Texas Hold’em and trailing it is Omaha, both belonging into the hold’em family. From stud games… well I’m not really sure which is the most popular, but I’ll explain the rules for 7 Card Stud. Finally we have the draw family… everybody who ever played poker as a kid probably knows the basic 5 Card Draw.

So here we go, rules for:

But if you want to play poker you will also need to know two more thing. You have to know the hand rankings and betting variations. Together with this information and the rules to a specific game you will actually learn more than just the few games that are listed here(for example, use the Low rankings with rules to 7 Card Stud and voila, you are playing Razz).

There are many sites where you can play poker as well as sites which review poker rooms, I’m not one of those. Go to this article here for good poker sites as well a simple explanation of the rules.

And a special little treat for all poker fans, Chinese poker!