Tired of Online POKER? Try Online RUMMY!


I always liked playing online poker. I even made my income by playing it for a few years, but… poker can become boring too. Thankfully there are other alternatives to it and they are gaining in popularity! One game stands out from the rest, Rummy. If I peaked your interest, you can try it out for yourself with a no deposit 5$ bonus.

So what is so awesome about rummy? Like poker there are many variations and there is tons of strategy and skill behind the game, so it offers a great new challenge. You can get that first time thrill of competition all over again! And this time it’s even better. Rummy has a lot of information on hand and your decisions are even more important and when played right, you get a bigger edge. That’s good news for anyone who would like to give it a serious shot.

Just like online poker, but different 🙂

But it’s OK to just play for fun. After all that should be the first goal when playing any card game.

So why not give it a shot? Online rummy is a fun and interesting experience for any aspiring card player or a seasoned card shark. Enjoy!