Play Online Kalooki


(Rummy Royal Has Closed, but You Can Still Play at Skill7)

Here I will tell you a few useful tips on how to play online Kalooki and where you can play it.. For those of you who ware looking for rules for Kalooki or strategy behind playing , just use the following two links:

Kalooki rules

Rummy strategy

OK, now on to technical stuff. I should first show you RummyRoyal software and a little bit on how to use it. When you register an account and open the software you will get this image:


If you are not yet familiar with rummy games, here’s where you can watch a demo or play a real time tutorial against the computer(this is probably the easiest way to learn the rules).

After you are done learning or if you already know how to play, just go under either the Fun mode or Real mode(depending whether you want to play for real money or just for fun). When you are in the mode that suits you, you’ll have an option between Round tourneys, Quick tourneys and Multi table tourneys. If you want to know more about these formats just go under Help>>Tournament Formats in the lobby, it’s all explained there.

Now that you have picked the format that suits you, just open up a Kalooki table(you can use filters at the upper part of the lobby to make it easier). This is what a Kalooki table looks like:


The most important thing in online Kalooki is the meld area that is located in the top part of the table. Like in any other online Rummy game you also have two sorting buttons on the bottom right of the table, that will sort your cards in either runs or sets if pressed.

Now for some useful tips on what to watch out for in online kalooki:

TIP No.1:
Be fast, very fast! Online Kalooki is filled with information, especially later in the game when you there are a lot of melds down. Don’t horse around, be focused on what’s going on and act fast otherwise the clock will run you over.

TIP No.2:
Make sure you got the points calculated correctly when picking up cards from the discard pile. If you are playing in a game where you need to use the card you picked up in a meld right away, you’ll run out of time if you screw up the points, and then have to return the card, draw another one from the deck and decide on what to discard.

Take it from me, tip No.1 applies in this situations more than any other. I once screwed up my whole game because I ran out of time and got a meld broken up… would have been an easy victory, but it turn in to a horrible loss.

TIP No.3:
Always check before hand what table you are playing at. It can make quite a difference playing a Kalooki 40 table when you think you are playing Kalooki 51.

TIP No.4:
When you want to add cards to melds that your opponent has put down, be sure to click at the exact end of the meld where you want your card to go. This is just to save you some frustration(and your mouse) due to not knowing what’s wrong when you keep clicking at the middle of a meld that you want to add to.

Enjoy playing!