Card Games With Live Dealers Online


Playing online casino games is something that many of us enjoy and there are some fantastic games out there. But sometimes it can feel a little random, a little computerized and too far removed from the traditional card games we play in casinos. However, the rise of card games with live dealers online has opened up a whole new experience for the online card game fan – but what is it and how does it work?

The real person element

The idea behind these games is simple – it combines the convenience of an online casino with the real person element. There’s no traveling to the casino, taxi fares or hotel costs and you don’t have to get dressed up to play. But you can still play a game with a real, live dealer overseeing things, have a laugh with them and even boo them jokingly when you are playing baccarat.

Live dealer casinos work in exactly the same way as games do at the casino. The only difference is that the game is streamed live across the internet so you can play anywhere in the world. Currently there are three main types of live dealer games on offer – dealer studio, broadcast and an actual casino.

Different types of live dealer games

The dealer studio is currently the most common type of live dealer games and involves a studio made specifically for the purpose. This gives a great effect because everything is set up to be great for the online player – they use the right lighting, sound systems and other facilities that make for the most realistic style of game with a real dealer.

Broadcast games are an option if you have a smart TV and want to play over the web or over cable as these games are sent via cable TV as well as via a website.

Finally, actual casino games are what they sound like – where you watch a game that is recorded live in a real casino. This involves a mixture of online gameplay and real life play as you can be playing against people sitting in the real casino. You will also be talking to real casino employees including the dealer, croupiers and even the casino managers – so watch your tone!

Difference from online games

One of the main differences from other online casino games is that you will be playing with other real people, including the dealer, other players and that management we mentioned. This also means that real decks of cards and other casino equipment is used for the games rather than virtual ones.

You get to enjoy the interplay with other players, the dealer and other staff that you can only normally get at a real casino. You can make jokes, bluff other players and even boo tablemates when they win, in a good nature way.

Generally, stakes are higher for live dealer games in the same way they are for real casinos. For most, the minimum stake is $5 or the similar currency but this also means that winning can be a lot higher – up to four figures in some cases whereas most online casinos stop are around $500.

What games can you play?

There are various card games available through live dealer websites. Vegas Palms online casino Canada offer Baccarat and Blackjack, two of the most popular and run schedules with different games played at different times.

This allows you to play the game you enjoy and even catch a certain dealer if you like their style or have had particular luck when they are in charge. Check out the casino website for more information about what games are available when to get the most from your live dealer card games.