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Welcome! Here you will learn all about poker strategy and find the magic formula to win at poker… well, not exactly. See, with it’s popularity poker also gained on it’s complexity. What I mean is that when people realized how much money can be made from poker they really started to go in-depth with the strategy behind it.

Since if I’d want to write all about poker strategy here, I’d have to write thousands of pages and I’d be no where near done, this is what we’ll do…I’ll direct you to a more appropriate source and then give you a short basic lecture on what the game of poker is all about. That should be enough to point a newbie in the right direction.

So here we go…

If you are starting out in poker there is one site you absolutely must become aware of, and that is PokerStrategy. Fitting name right?:) PokerStrategy is the largest online poker training site on the web, with millions of members. They offer hundreds of strategy articles, hundreds of training videos and even public coaching where professional players teach you how to play winning poker in real time… and guess what?

It’s all FREE… well actually it’s even better than that, they even give you free 50$ to play with if you pass their strategy quiz and sign up with one of their affiliate poker rooms.
If your screaming scam! at your monitor right now, check their business model and things will become clearer. So sign up and start learning.

Now, you might have picked up that I’m really a fan of Poker Strategy, well your right. Poker strategy was the place where I learned to play winning poker 5 years ago and never looked back… I mean I did look back, I still visit the forums every day.

Other strategy stuff:

So that should be enough to get you started, and as promised here you can learn poker basics and why people can actually be long run winners at the game. Hope it helps!

You can also read how to think in ranges when you are trying to make a decision at the table, read about an exercise with continuation bets that will improve your game, learn the basics about why position is so important in poker or find out about the basics of bankroll management in poker.

New players should also read about the pitfalls of professional poker.

Enjoy playing!