drinking game

Are you a dedicated card player that carries a deck everywhere he goes? Then Kings drinking game is right up your alley! This is a simple bar game that you can play with your friend while you drink at a bar or a table in a pub. It can make up a lot of excitement, since it’s kind of a gambling game as well. Let’s see how it’s played…

How do you play?

You need a deck of cards and you will also need to decide to play before you order. It’s very simple, you just start dealing cards face up one by one to each one of your friends until a King is dealt.

The first person to get dealt a King picks an alcoholic drink from the menu.

Dealing then continues until the second King is dealt.

The second person to get dealt a King then picks a soft drink to mix the liquor with.

Dealing then continues until the third King is dealt.

The third person to get dealt a King pays for the drink.

Dealing then continues until the fourth King is dealt.

The fourth person to get dealt a King has to drink the mix.

That’s it!

Special rules

You can add special rules to get some really funky drinks. Here are two of my suggestions, but you can add your own, so let your imagination fly:

  • Deal the deck out twice for one drink. This way you basically get 2 different liquors and 2 different soft drinks in the same drink.
  • If you are playing Kings drinking game at home, you can make anything go. Basically, just exchange »soft drink« with »anything you have in the kitchen« in the above text. This way you might be drinking a vodka whiskey with tomato juice and milk! Hope you have a good stomach…

Enjoy playing Kings drinking game!