Kings Cup


drinking card game

Kings cup is a popular fun drinking game and the cool part is it’s really simple! So let’s see how you can get drunk tonight…

What do you need?

Similar to any other drinking card game, you need a deck of cards, drinks and, obviously, players to play Kings Cup. As far as drinks go, anything goes (it also depends on the special rules). Besides all of that you also need a large cup, preferably at least 0.5 liters.

How is it played?

It’s pretty simple. Everybody sits around the cup, either around the table or on the floor. Players draw cards one by one and depending on what the card is, they take the following actions:

  • Red card = Have a drink
  • Black card = Don’t drink
  • King = Pour a drink into the center cup. If it’s the last king, then drink the center cup.

That’s pretty much it, except some special rules that you might want to apply…

Special rules

Special rules about the drinks:

  1. You can either play with one kind of drink or anything goes. If you play that anything goes, you might get some funky mixes… hope you have a good stomach!
  2. As far as quantity goes, you can either play that each king gets a set amount of liquor to pour in the cup or you can play that any king can pour as much as he wants. Remember that it’s always good to set limits, just so that the cup doesn’t get full before the third king.

Special rule about the cards:

You can set a rule that anyone that drew a red card has to drink as many drinks as the face value of the card. In this case it’s advisable to use beer or a wine mix.

That’s it, enjoy playing Kings Cup!