How to Become the King (or Queen) of Cards


Card games have been played around the world for hundreds of years. The modern, “Western” style of playing cards evolved slowly starting around the 14th century, but there are other types of decks that are also common, such as the tarot cards that are used for fortune-telling and the Lotería cards that are traditional in Mexico. Still, it is most likely that you are interested in the games you can play with the standard, 52-card decks that you are familiar with.

Gamble on Casino Card Games

Baccarat, three-card poker and pai gow poker are just a few of the gambling opportunities that employ playing cards. Perhaps the best such option, in terms of your winning chances, is blackjack. Even after you decide to play blackjack, though, you will have many distinct varieties of the game to choose from. Whichever games of chance catch your fancy, you can probably find them being spread today at

Become a Poker Shark

If you are more interested in gaining an edge against other players rather than the house, then poker might be your game of choice. A skilled participant can actually achieve a fairly sizable long-term income from this pursuit.

It is not a quick way to make a buck however; most players must study and practice for years before they become good enough to hold their own, much less dominate, at the poker tables. An education in the subtle arts of poker may not necessarily be as expensive as college tuition for a four-year degree, but it can be if you are not careful.

Teamwork Is Key in Bridge

There are those who do not really fancy putting their money at risk and instead prefer pure competition against their peers without any extraneous distractions. For a mentally challenging pastime, you might want to look into bridge, a trick-taking card game.

You will have to not only study the proper strategies for various situations but also learn how to work well with your partner as bridge is played with four players in two teams. The game is renowned for its complexity, so you may have to hit the books in earnest before being able to have success with it.

Nobody to Blame but Yourself

If the idea of a multiplayer card game does not really catch your interest, then you might want to go completely in the opposite direction with solitaire. At least one thing is certain: No other player can ever beat you in this single-player game. There are many forms of solitaire, but perhaps the most common is Klondike solitaire.

You Will Heart This Game

If you are do not mind playing with others, but you do not like the idea of teams, then maybe hearts is for you. This is four-player, trick-taking game, just like bridge, but the rules are much easier to learn. It is everyone for himself or herself in hearts, so there is no need to coordinate your actions with anyone else, and in fact, you will be trying to trip them up as much as possible.

Whether you are keen on gambling at or you just wish to play for fun without any cash at stake, card games can be an amusing entertainment. Select the one you want to participate in, learn the rules and join a game. Almost every card game can now be played online or in a physical setting.