Indian Poker


drinking card game

Indian poker, also known as Blind Man’s Bluff, is a fun(and little silly at first) card game that was originally a gambling game, but now you can use it to get drunk with friends and have a good time doing it!

What do you need?

Like in any other drinking card game, all you need is a deck of cards, drinks and a bunch of friends. As far as drinks are concerned, you should probably use beer, but it kind of depends on how you set up the details. When you’ll learn how to play below, you’ll see what I mean. If you set the game so that there will be less drinking per round you can use stronger drinks and vise versa.

How to play Indian Poker?

The game itself is easy. Each player gets one card from the deck and sticks it to his forehead without looking at it. This way everybody sees each others card, but not their own.

The dealer starts the game. He can bet a certain number of drinks that his card is the highest or pass the betting to the next player. Players that don’t want to call or raise the bet can throw away their card and exit the game(in that case they have to drink the number of drinks that was originally bet).

If a player wants, he can either bet more or just call the bet. Either way, the player who is still in after all the betting, and has the lowest card, has to drink all the drinks that ware bet by him and the other players.

The betting is pretty much the same as in a regular poker game, so if this is all a little confusing you might want to check out the article about poker betting or just simplify the betting so that it suits your taste.

If you’d like to get to grips with some easier versions of poker with dealers, I would recommend checking out the PowerPlay website and trying their three card poker game in the casino.


Since the betting can go on forever, if you don’t have some kind of a limit, you should either set a maximum someone can bet or actually physically give everyone a number of drinks. The second option is a little worse, since people tend to spill and drink their own drinks when drunk…

When playing with really strong drinks, you can just give each player two or three drinks and limit the raising per player to one drink. That way everyone will have to take one drink per round and someone will probably get 2-4, which is not that bad(good for a couple of rounds).

Be careful(remember, responsible drinking!) and enjoy!