How To Win at Solitaire: Key Strategy & Tips


Solitaire is an amusing and relaxing way to entertain yourself at a low cost. You need nothing more than a deck of cards to play. You can also play electronically from a wide variety of devices. This makes it convenient and easy to play from nearly anywhere. 

This fun game allows you to have fun while you stimulate your brain cells. You’ll increase your short term memory skills as you work to remember the order of the cards. As you work your way through the game and develop your strategies, you’ll improve your reasoning skills as well.

The Game Layout

There are different versions of solitaire, but they all revolve around the same basic principles. There are various types of cards in the formation. These cards all serve a different purpose and function in different ways. 

The object of the same is to fill your piles by suit. These four piles start with aces at the bottom as you work your way up through all of the cards of a specific suit. These are called your ace piles and you win the game by completing all four of them. 

Your draw pile is used to add cards to your stacks and piles. As you flip them up, you can decide which is the better placement. It’s important to work through your draw pile to utilize the whole deck.

Throughout the game, you move your cards into the stacks by alternating red and black cards. The cards can be arranged consecutively from top to bottom in receding order. It’s important to have a good strategy and be thoughtful about building your stacks. 

The only way to be successful in a solitaire game is to uncover all of your downcards. These cards are facedown at the tops of your stacks. By shifting and placing your stacks in your ace piles, you can flip over your downcards and bring them into play. 

Once you familiarize yourself with the cards, you can start to develop strategies. You can combine these strategies to develop your own style and routine. These tips will make playing more fun and increase your chance of winning.

  1. Take Your Time

One of the most important strategies in solitaire is being diligent about exercising patience. Speeding through the deck will only lead to missed opportunities. Evaluate each move and make sure it makes sense. 

You don’t want to be left with regret by rushing through moves and missing opportunities. Carefully consider the options for placing each card. Check both your stacks and piles well to evaluate your choices. 

Step back and evaluate your board as a whole from time to time. You might have patterns developing that you hadn’t noticed during play. You also might have moves or opportunities to access downturned cards that you might have missed.

  1. Focus on Kings

Kings are the building blocks of your stacks. Make sure you use them wisely for a more long-term benefit. It’s also essential to make smart choices when placing your kings. 

Keep your stacks as spread out as possible. You can only place a king in an open space. So it’s wise not to free up spaces for a new stack until a king is available to take the place. 

When playing kings, think about the long-term potential for building a stack under it. Do you have a black queen and a red jack available? You would benefit more if you wait until a red king comes along in your draw cards. You can take advantage of the opportunity to get a good start on a new stack. 

One of your best strategies will be to uncover your downturned cards quickly. Moving your kings to empty spaces is a good way to get to your downturned cards. Try to focus on moving the kings that will give you access to the most downturned cards first. 

  1. Be Smart with Piling

Playing solitaire is a good exercise in forcing yourself to slow down. It might be tempting to pile all of your cards quickly as they are available. However, this strategy can easily backfire. Piling smartly will help you play in a way that makes stacking and piling sustainable. 

Try to keep your piles relatively even. Aces and twos are fine to throw in your piles immediately. But if you have one pile that quickly gets full, you’re losing valuable cards to create stacks with.

Instead, pile your cards similarily across the suits. Try to put all of the threes on at one time and so forth. If you create your piles too quickly, you likely won’t be able to return all of the cards to the stacks and you’ll miss the chance to use drawn or downturned cards. 

  1. Unveil Downcards

Getting to your downcards is a must. One of your main objectives should be getting them into play as soon as possible. You need them to both create your stacks and sometimes even start your piles.

It can be frustrating when an ace or two is hidden, preventing you from even beginning your pile. Unveiling your downturned cards allows you to create better stacks. It also reveals where all of the cards are so you can better strategize.

Move upturned cards that are covering any downturned cards first. Try to shift cards and combine stacks to get to your downturned cards. If you’re between moving two cards, prioritize the one that gives you greater or quicker access to downturned cards. 

  1. Keep Your Stacks Even

As you’re stacking use mindfulness strategies to remain aware of all of your stacks. It’s helpful to keep your stacks relatively even. This makes combining stacks easier. It also helps make piling more efficient towards the end of the game. 

Creating too many large stacks can eliminate your opportunities. Try to grow your stacks evenly. This will make shifting groups back and forth to get to downturned cards easier. Towards the end of the game, you can create for or five larger stacks that can easily flow into your piles. 


Focusing on getting all of your cards into play will give you more opportunities. Keeping your piles even and your stacks smaller will make them more manageable. Prioritizing kings will help you create stacks that make sense.

Using these strategies, you’ll have better outcomes for your solitaire games. You can use them to develop your own playing habits and you’ll find the best style of play for you. Plus, you’ll likely have much more fun because you’re winning.