How to Up Your Blackjack Game



Winning a game of blackjack may seem like a challenge, not only does it take time to perfect the strategy, but it can also take time to get used to the way that the game works and the way that others around the table react. Here, we are going to give you our tips to up your blackjack game.

Ignore Others Around You

Another key element to your strategy is to ignore all the others around you. Although this can be difficult at first this will help you to look at your hand and work out when is best to make the right move. By blocking out this distraction you can then begin to concentrate on the hands that are being dealt with and the overall mannerisms of others.

This is vital to a successful game as you will then have the upper hand. You can manipulate the game of blackjack that you are playing by choosing the ideal time to double up or hit to get the best chance at winning.

The key to winning is all about patience, try not to rush as this could be the difference between winning or losing, play your hands close to your chest and you are likely to win in the long term. Any move that is out of place could cost you the game.

Strategy Is Key

Creating a strategy based on numbers in a game of poker will not get you the results you are looking for. By basing your completely around statistics, you are likely to achieve the results that you want. Blackjack strategy as we know it is a new thing considering how long the game has been around.

Not only are there new ways to beat out the competition and work the table in your favour, but there are a number of other tips and tricks to help make every game you play far more successful.

Know When To Split

Although it may seem daunting to split into two hands this may be the perfect way to double your bet and up your chances of winning. This can only be done if you have two cards of the same value.

This can then be split into two hands giving you much more control over the table than before. Although you may not be able to split in every game, this can give you the upper hand that you need. The bet placed on the second hand that you create will be the same as the first meaning that you will essentially double your bet.

This tactic acts as a mind game got only are you splitting your hand to put yourself above other players, but this will also help to manipulate the table in your favour as this level of confidence will shock others. Although this is not always the case, this will put you in a good position with the game moving forward.

Double Down

Another way to better your hand when at the blackjack table is to double down. This involves you doubling your bet in exchange for an extra card. This is one of the riskier moves in a game of blackjack this could be the difference between winning or losing particularly if the next card that you receive is lower than the first.

This, therefore, means that you will be unable to hit and therefore have a very small chance of winning. If this works out in your favour then this could lead to you winning a significant amount however, if this risky move does go wrong you could lose a large sum of money as a result.

Be Patient

Although it may seem tempting to pull out all the stops as soon as you have a very good hand, patience is the key as this will help you to boost your chances of success. Once you have split, you are still eligible to bet or even double down.

Although it may seem tempting to do this straight away, patience is the perfect way to achieve the best result and potentially win the game. If you move to quickly or leave yourself susceptible to others mind games, you may well struggle to keep a level head and execute the moves at the perfect time.

When playing Blackjack, it is important to work the table in your favour as mind games are extremely important. Not only are there egos looking to keep a straight face, but there are also several people faking the confidence. By making bold moves with conviction you can help to intimidate the other players and begin winning game after game. Which will you try first?