High or Low


drinking card game

High or low is a very simple drinking game that involves some strategiesing and you can actually have a small influence on the outcome. So you can actually play in a way where you can get a desired result(getting yourself really drunk or getting others very drunk). It can be a pretty intensive game and it’s very possible that some players will get really drunk in the process, so be careful.

What do you need?

Not much. Like for any other drinking card game all you need is a few players, a deck of cards and, obviously, some drinks. You should start with softer drinks, like beer or a mixture of vine and some soft drinks.

A good alternative would also be a soft cocktail mix. This is because in High or low, someone might have to drink a butt load of drinks and you really don’t want a player to down 10 tequilas the first time it’s his turn. It’s both unhealthy and the game would be over too soon(and it might end up in the emergency room).

The rules

Rules are pretty simple. First you decide who goes first, you can do this by high card draw, flipping a coin etc. Then that player draws a card and says if the next one is going to be higher or lower. If he’s wrong he has to down a shot of whatever drink you are using, if he’s right he guesses and draws again. After he has drawn 3 cards he can either pass his turn to the next player or continue drawing.

The twist lies in the rule that every time someone is wrong, he doesn’t have to down just one drink, instead he has to down the same number of drinks as the number of cards on the table.

The first player draws 4 times, he’s right three times and wrong the last time, he downs 4 drinks and passes on the action. The next player draws 3 times and is right twice and wrong the last time, he has to down 7 drinks(four cards from the first player and three cards from him)…


High or low strategy depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to get really drunk, really fast just draw cards until you’re under the table. Otherwise, if you want to get your friends drunk, just keep drawing if you’re doing good. It doesn’t really make sens to draw 3 cards, be right 3 times and pass on the action, because you will only get the game back to you when there will be a lot of cards on the table.

Now, if you keep guessing right, just keep drawing until you miss, take your portion of drinks once and pass on a shitload of cards to the next player. That way you’ll make someone drink a huge amount and also the deck might run out until it gets back to you.

Also, this should go without saying, if you draw a card lower than an 8 you should guess high and vise versa(that is, if you are playing aces as high cards, otherwise the seven is the middle card). It’s even better if you can remember the cards already out, that way you can guess even better.

Play safe and enjoy yourself!