Hearts strategy


Hearts is a really interesting and surprisingly complex game when you really start thinking about strategy behind it.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are playing with friends, against computer opponents or online for real money, you’ll need some solid strategy and knowledge of the game to eventually come up on top.

But don’t worry, we have you covered:)

This part of Card Games Planet will be dedicated to Hearts strategy from now on. This will be the place where you will be able to tune up your knowledge and read articles on different parts of the game. New articles will be added over time, so be sure to check in here and there, so you won’t miss anything.

Here is what we currently have to offer:

Hearts strategy

I hope you enjoy these words of wisdom and use them in good health:) In case you have any good ideas on what you would like to see here in the future, or you are a seasoned Hearts player and would like to post an article here feel free to contact me.