Give or Take (Give One, Take One)


drinking card game

So you want a simple, yet fun way to get drunk using playing cards? Try Give or take, better known as Give one, take one.

What do you need?

Not much. You need some friends(preferably 4+), drinks and a deck of cards. There is quite some drinking involved if there aren’t many people playing, so use drinks like beer or a wine mix.

The rules

Rules are simple. The dealer starts out by giving each player 3 cards. Then he asks the first player if he wants to give or take? The player answers and the dealer flips up the top card in the deck. Now, here’s what happens depending on what the player said:


If the player said give, any player that has the same card in his hand as the card that was flipped over can make another player drink. If he has two of the same cards in his hand he can make two players drink or give both drinks to one player.

Now repeat the process again, except any player with the same card can make another player drink two drinks(or four if he has two of the same cards in his hand).

Repeat for the third time with three drinks(or six with two cards) and then start over again the next round with only one drink.


If the player said take, he has to drink if he has the same card in his hand as the one flipped over. The same rules apply as with give, so the next take is for two drinks and the third for three drinks. The rule about multipling the number of drinks by 2 if a player has two matching cards applies as well.

You can play this game until the deck runs out and then change the dealer and start over with either just a reshuffled deck or a compleatly new game where players are dealt new cards.

Play safe and enjoy!