Girl Slumber Party Surprise


by Monica

girl slumber party surprise

Usually you play strip poker in a more mixed group of people, but sometimes you just get bored and have to do with what you have.

Me and my girlfriends had a slumber party at my place a few years back. We got bored and we had a deck of cards. At one point someone suggested strip poker. We started playing.

After a while most of us ware in our underware, except one. Jullia still had all her clothes on. She always was a really shy girl, but nobody knew her as a strong card player.

In another hour or so we ware mostly topless and decided that it’s enough. Jullia however only removed her jacket and two of her socks, so we all started congratulating her luck. After some chit-chat she finally reveled that she’s been playing online poker for a while and that she’s actually paying her tuition with her winnings. That explained a lot!

That was that for that night, but the real shocker came out a year later when she reveled that she is actually gay!

So somebody had an extra good night at that slumber party:)