Play Free Solitaire Games Online!


Playing alone

Looking for solid free Solitaire games? No problem! There are many sites out there that offer free downloadable games and browser based games… and this is one of them! You can play Solitaire in your browser right here:

For your conviniance I have also found a link that will be all you need to have even more Solitaire fun for the next couple of hours, days or even months, in case that what you find here isn’t enough for you.

So here it is, the ultimate Solitaire website! You will find a ton of games here, so dig in and enjoy!

Playing with others

For the more sociable people out there that want to play Solitaire against other players, no problem! You can either download MSN and play via their interface or do what everyone else does and play on Facebook!

You can obviously play Solitaire with friends over some other social network as well, but I have to say that my favorite is defenatly MSN Live Massenger. It has a nice look, works smoothly and you can easily chat while playing.

skill7 UK

Solitaire apps

Want to play solitaire on the go? Then head on over to the Google Play Store or Apple Store and download some solitaire games!

Windows Solitaire

For the not so picky out there and all of you that don’t want to be bothered too much here’s a simple solution:

Go to… Start/All Programs/Games… and you will find 1-3 solitaire games(depending what version of Windows you have) that you can play without any hastle.