Draw Poker Rules


5 Card draw:

This poker variant just might be even more simple than Hold’em. It can be played with blinds(same as hold’em) or antes(like Stud, but without the bring in). It can also be played with any betting variant and any hand ranking variant(actually then it’s a different game, for example, one of the Low 5 Card Draw games is called 2-7 Draw). High and Low rankings are Here.

How the game runs:

Each play is dealt 5 cards and then the blinds are posted(or antes, whatever you picked). The first betting round begins, starting with the player left of the BB(betting is explained Here)

After the betting is done each player discards a couple of cards or stands pat(doesn’t discard any cards). Each player then replaces the discarded cards with the same amount of cards from the deck. Then you have another round of betting and you’re done! Whoever has the best ranking 5 card combo in his hand wins.

Special stuff:

1. If you want you can set more than one round of discarding and betting per hand(usually there are 1-3 rounds, but theoretically you can play till the deck runs out)

2. You can set a rule that limits how many cards someone can discard per round(a somewhat popular rule is 3 cards per round)

Enjoy playing!