Discussing the Perks of Being a High Roller Card Player Online



Let’s say you jetted off to Las Vegas in the morning. You stroll up to the check-in desk at one of the elite casinos, perhaps the Wynn of Bellagio. On check-in, you explain to the staff that you have a suitcase full of cash and intend to play for high stakes on the casino floor all weekend. Without even having to ask, you would likely be given an upgraded room, free drinks and lots of other perks that come with being a “Whale” in a casino. Moreover, you would probably be given some personal attention by the manager.

However, how does this work when playing card games from your own home? You obviously aren’t going to get an upgraded room, but there is an industry for online high rollers out there, but it is sometimes ill-defined and misunderstood. Experienced poker players will understand the concept of rakeback, which has disappeared from many of the larger poker operator’s sites. Rakeback is essentially a scheme which offers players a cut of the site’s game profits (the rake), which, as you can imagine, is pretty important to high stakes players.

VIP schemes can offer hidden surprises

But while rakeback is not as common anymore, there are perhaps more exciting loyalty schemes out there, some of which are designed specifically for high rollers. When we say, “more exciting”, we mean just that – an online world of perks that aims to compete with the luxuries afforded to the high rolling denizens of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau.

Online casinos that offer VIP schemes are, as you might expect, a good option for high rolling card players. For example, Casino.com caters to VIP players in New Zealand, and anywhere else in the world where the site operates. What does that entail? Well, it’s a multi-level scheme, meaning you could get special cash bonuses and cashback as a mid-level player right up to getting a personal account manager and crazy perks as a “VIP Elite” player.

As we mentioned, online casinos can’t offer you a presidential suite in their own hotel overlooking the Strip while you play, but they do have pull in other areas. It’s not uncommon for online casinos to treat their VIP players to special events – trips to Grand Prix races, the Melbourne Cup, music concerts. Indeed, you will often see online casinos taking their VIP customers to special poker and blackjack tournaments in Las Vegas, providing the buy-ins, flights and accommodation.


Be upfront and ask for some perks

Not everyone has the spare cash to be an ultra-high roller, of course. However, a top tip for card players who do intend to spend a bit more money than the norm is to let that fact be known to the online casino. It can feel a bit embarrassing to ask for free perks, but just bear in mind that people do it all the time in Las Vegas. The VIP team at the casino will be well used to the requests, and you never know what they will be able to offer you.

One last thing to note is if the online casino offers cashback as part of the VIP scheme. Like the aforementioned rakeback, this could be implemented into your strategy to make a profit. And, if you are spending a lot of money, the sus you can get are not insignificant. Again, if you are unsure about it – just ask to see what you can get.