Online collectible card games


Collectible card games are a whole different animal than classic card games. Usually you have to buy new packs all the time, collect new cards and form them into a playable deck.

With the expansion of the internet a lot of these card games also made the move online. Now you can buy packs, collect cards and play with others from the comfort of your home!

To help you get started, here are a few collectible card games that you can play online. Some are completely free, others require you to buy packs or get a monthly subscription. Check them out:

Magic the Gathering

Probably the best known collectible card game and also the first! It has a big following, lots of players and events. You can buy cards, trade them and play with your friends. You can do all that in the real world, but now you can also do it all online. You can make a trial account and try it out, but in general it’s a payable game. You can check it out at the link below:


This is a new game from Blizzard (probably best know for World of Warcraft). It’s completely free, you just sign up, get some basic cards for free (you have to play through the tutorial) and your ready to go. As you play, you complete quests and get rewarded in gold.

You can then use the gold to enter the arena (where you can win more gold, cards and card packs) or to buy packs of cards. In case you don’t mind spending money and are itching to get better cards, you can also use real money to buy card packs and arena entries. You download and check it out at the link below:


Well, it’s hard to go pass the Pokemon trading card game when you’re talking about collectible card games. The great thing about this collectible card game is that it’s pretty simple. You can learn to play it pretty easily and now you can also practice online.

It’s free and you can get new cards and stuff by playing with others, buying other products or just buy them directly. Just follow the link below to get to the download page and more information: