Quality Casino Games Are Getting Into Apps


Given that casino game development is now a serious business, it’s no surprise to see that there has been considerable uptake in people playing these games for both fun and real money. This is great news for the casinos who simply want players to enjoy there game and spread exposure as far as possible.

For them the greater the number of fun players, the higher the number of money players – a trend which is being increasingly monetized through developing social and competitive play.


Are Slots ‘Casino’ Style Games?

When we’re talking about Casino games it’s important to make the distinction between slots style games and casino style games. Game developers have been focusing most of their attention on delivering quality slots style games to mobile devices, some table game players may until recently have felt a little left behind. While casino games are obviously fantastic for real money play, slots have the advantage of also being extremely popular with people who play for fun too.

For online casinos and operators their imperative is to have people playing their games – for money or not – as often as possible, so slots have obviously been at the apex of their development drive. Yet increasingly as we’ll see the big players such as Euro Palace Online Casino are trying to create total parity between slots, table and card games within their portfolio.

How Can We Account For The Popularity Of Slots?

Overall the online gaming industry has been growing at an incredible rate. It’s thought that over the last two years as smartphones have become more accessible in new markets and ubiquitous in those where they are already available, the industry has grown 100% year on year globally.

Euro Palace Online Casino again provides a great example of how casinos are maximizing their exposure through using games that are free to play, yet also of the highest quality. Indeed the casinos have much to thank the leading game companies (Playtech, Microgaming etc) for creating content that even non gamblers can enjoy.

Those who monitor app markets explain the prominence of casino style gaming – be it slots or table – thanks to what is termed the ‘snack-ability’ of the format. They’re perfect for people to dip in and out of, say during a work break or when waiting for a bus. Best of all while players enjoy their favorites, such is the scale of high quality games coming out now that there’s new releases to try and enjoy every week.

Yet There’s Plenty Of Potential In Table Games Too

However even the larger slots based operators have seen the potential for high quality casino table/floor games to complement their existing inventories. Euro Palace Real Money Slots have been seriously developing the compatibility of their apps to make casino style games ever more popular.

One of the stumbling blocks that has always been an issue with relaying games such as roulette and poker effectively on the small screen is just that, the size of the screen. This has been addressed through the prominent rise in use of tablets and large screened smartphones as platform for people to play their favorite games.

Having a few spins on the wheel is much easier and enjoyable on a larger screen – placing bets has always been the fiddly bit – whereas poker really needs a larger screen to accommodate multiple players around the table.

Given the trend of development expect casino style games to become very popular even for fun play in the next couple of years. Virtual Reality is expected to revolutionize the enjoyment of games such as roulette and craps played across a social format with friends or strangers. There’s a very high likelihood that these will be powered via mobile phone apps – so watch out!