Important Casino Etiquette Every Newbie Should Know


The advent of the mighty and powerful Internet has given us access to a lot of things without even needing to go out of our houses. You may have played a lot of casino games on your personal computer or smartphone, but when was the last time you went to a land-based casino? If you are someone who has never been in a real, traditional, casino, this article is perfect for you.

We will provide you with a list of important casino dos and don’ts that every beginner should know about to save himself from embarrassment. True to the saying, “When in Rome, live as the Romans do; when elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere.” It is critical that you behave yourself in a manner that is expected of every player in the casino.


1. Think twice about bringing that selfie stick.

If not all, most casinos around the world prohibit its patrons to take selfies and photos especially when you are inside their gaming floors. The use of electronic devices and gadgets within the casino premises is usually frowned upon and not at all encouraged.

In fact, most casinos employ state-of-the-art signal jammers that block cell signals. So keep those beautiful iPhones in your pocket. If you wish to take a photo of the gorgeous Vegas, you may do this outside – not inside the casino, unless you wish to be escorted out by security personnel.

2. Tipping, though not mandatory, is still appreciated.

Your awesome gaming experience is not complete without your favorite drink so you can unwind and enjoy your game. Whether you are winning huge tons of money or you are in a losing streak, you should not forget about the waitress who served you that cocktail or the dealer who tried his best to give you the best gaming experience. These guys heavily rely on customers’ tips so they can get extra money besides their hourly wage.

3. Be friendly and talk to other players.

Anyone who goes to a casino aims to have fun and win big. Talk to other players at your table and politely introduce yourself to take the edge off and give everyone a good time. But there is a line that separates friendly and annoying.

Do not go beyond the usual small talk to the point where other players get to know what gifts you received last Christmas. Nobody needs to hear that, believe me. Sometimes, talking too much can be quite distracting to the dealer and to others who are playing. Know when to stop clam-up.

4. Be familiar with the minimum and maximum bets.

Most casino beginners make the mistake of sitting down at a certain game and handing over $15 when the minimum bet, which is obviously displayed on the board, is $20. Be sure that you read the sign on the board before anything else because maximum and minimum bets will differ at each table.

To properly buy your chips, do not hand the dealer your cash. Simple put it on the table as you sit down. The croupier will notice this and change your cash into chips while he announces the amount. It is that simple!

5. Always keep your emotions intact.

Casinos are made for entertainment and meeting new people with the same interests. If you start to go on a losing streak, do not go on a rage and blame the dealer or start an argument with the other people at the table.

You should always learn how to control your outburst. If you feel like screaming, or that you need fresh air to think, walk out of the casino and go on a walk. This way you would not be ruining the night of other players who went to the casino to have a good time.


1. Cashing out should not be done at the table.

You should know that cashing out should only be done between hands. When you wish to cash out and call it a night, stack your chips in an orderly manner and the dealer will count them. The dealer will then hand over your money.

This is when you can observe whether a player is experienced or inexperienced. Beginners will draw a lot of attention by counting their money at the table. An experienced player will walk away from the table and count the money elsewhere.

2. Dressing up is encouraged

You may be able to wear your Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops in some big Las Vegas casinos but this is not always the case in others. Some are really strict when it comes to their dress policy. Do not take the risk of going to a casino with your Converse when you know there is a chance you will have to go home and change.

3. Know the table limit before sitting down.

Before sitting down at a certain table, it is important that you know the table limit so you know whether you are sitting at a highroller table or low-stakes table. You do not want to play in a table with high limit and exhaust all your money in one sitting. The goal is to have a good time.

4. Don’t ask advice from your dealer.

While dealers will be able to answer your questions about payouts, rules, and limits with a smile on their face, it is best that you steer away from asking them for advice. Not only that it is a bad idea for you, but it also puts them in a very tight situation because you can blame them if the game turns out badly for you. When you go to a casino, you must already know how to make and trust your own decisions.

Images by stux and theandrasbarta under Public Domains CC0