Why Card Players Enjoy Slot Machines


People go to casinos for different reasons. They also have their own favorite games which they play with great passion and frequency. However, this doesn’t mean that they stick to just one game all the time. Most individuals enjoy variety and try other options whenever they can.

For example, card players may spend many hours on the poker tables but they also take an occasional detour to the pokies or slot machines. This behavior can be observed in both the physical establishments and their online counterparts. There are several reasons for this including the following…


A Welcome Change

Card games like poker can be quite stressful to play. It requires strategic thinking in order to produce good results. Luck has its role in the way that the cards are dealt. However, it will still be up to the players to make use of them and outwit their opponents.

This makes it intriguing but mentally tiring as well. After a while, card players need to take a break and do something else. Casino pokies online give them a chance to relax. They can still play and possibly win but without stressing about it. This is a good way for them to recharge.

Bigger Jackpots

Slot machines have always drawn people because of their tempting jackpot prizes. There is nothing inside the casino that can match them in this regard. Part of this is because they operate on pure luck. It is extremely hard to win the big prize. Yet this is not an obstacle for many as the cost is very low anyway.

They can do a lot of spins without taking much risk. Skilled card players are able to earn a lot of money from their usual games but even they are not immune to the lure of the jackpot.


It has to be said that the new slot machines have evolved a great deal from the old stereotypical depictions. Some still have the classic look and feel for nostalgic players but the rest are very different. There are now plenty of themes to choose from. They make the slots feel like a new experience every time.

There are machines which are based on cartoon characters, action movies, game shows, board games, animals and more. The visuals and sounds have been improved tremendously. You feel more immersed in the game than ever and this makes each spin quite thrilling. In the end, this is what people really want: to be entertained.

Slots with Greatest Appeal

The large payouts are attractive to those who play slots once in a while. It’s their occasional chance to shoot for the moon. On the other hand, those people who play with more frequency tend to prefer smaller payouts as these are easier to achieve.

Among themed slots, familiarity seems to be important and association with popular game shows can definitely help. Action movies are also quite fashionable right now. It really all depends on the individual’s personal preferences. The important thing is that they enjoy the games.