How to Build a Card Pagoda


Building a card pagoda is actually not as hard as it might look. The awesome thing about pagodas is, that besides looking cool they can also be building blocks for some even more impressive structures,…

…like a Castle…

…, so let’s take this step by step…

Step 1.

Step one is easy, just make an upside down V and give it sidewalls from each side. This should be obvious, but start with the open side of the V, like this:


Step 2.

Now that you have your base, make the first floor by putting two cards flat on the sidewalls like this:


Step 3.

Congrats, you have the first floor all set up. Now make four new sidewalls on the top side of the V so you can finish up your card pagoda:


Step 4.

All that is left for you to do is to cover up your pagoda with 2-4 cards and you are done!


Step 5.

Don’t want to finish yet? Just keep building new pagodas on top of each other until you get some awesome towers! And obviously, don’t forget to take a picture!


Useful tips:

  • This is not a video game, you can’t save your progress, so be careful.
  • Building a card pagoda out of regular cards is really hard, so try using tarock cards first.
  • When adding levels/floors, make sure the base is big enough for a new level. Don’t make them smaller and smaller, otherwise you won’t get very high.
  • If you can, find a not to slippery surface to build on and make sure you have enough space and cards.
Much harder to make

I wish you a lot of success, and good luck building you card pagoda!