Card Games Planet Newsletter, Sample Issue — Strip Poker Gone Wrong!


Sample issue — Strip poker gone wrong

This is a sample issue of the upcoming Newsletter, dedicated to Febuary of 2013. You’ll be able to read what’s new on Card games planet, everything from new games to newly added features. Besides that you’ll be able to learn if there are any new promotions going on, or just read some fun facts or stories related to card games.

This newsletter comes out once a month, so you will not be bothered with spam an advertisement every day… just once a month:)

What’s new?

Probably the most important new feature this month is online UNO. From now on you can play UNO in your browser right here at! But be careful, it’s pretty addictive!

Apart from that, tarot section is growing. Five new, fun, tarot card games have been added this month. If you are interested in learning any of them, check it out!

Tarot section is not the only thing that is growing. A few interesting drinking games have been added as well:

For even more on new content feel free to have a look inside the blog:


There ware no promotions this month, but, if you sign up you can catch some cool promotions in the future, like the one that was running in November and December of 2012:

Funny story of the month — Strip poker gone wrong

So, this is what everyone wants, a funny, jucy story.

For the first issue I picked a true story, but the names have been keeped out for security resons.

So there was this guy, a pro poker player, who just met this pretty girl. Like any other guy, he obviously wanted things to progress in a certain direction. Since he was a good poker player the choice was simple… STRIP POKER. How could he lose?

So he suggested a game of HU strip poker and the girl agreed:)

They played for a while, but this girl was getting lucky every single time, so soon enough, he found himself in his underware.

So it was not looking good and he started doubting hiimself… when in doubt, CHEAT! Now I don’t endorse or tolerate cheaters, but these ware special circumstances:)

Anyway, he mixes the cards a little, and arranges them so he got QQ and she got JJ. All set… the flop comes low, 278, he bets, she calls, another low turn, he bets again and she pushes all in! He thinks to himself “yes, I can keep my underware and we’re finally gonna see some skin!:)”

…and then the river is dealt, and it’s………….. a JACK!


Moral of the story: Cheaters never prosper… and this guy really could use a four-leaf clover:)

That’s it for this month, I hope you enjoyed it and stay subscribed/subscribe to get more next month!