Card Games Planet Newsletter, #002 Issue — the Governor of Poker


002 Issue of CGP Newsletter — Governor of Poker and More!

Another month came and went. So here we are again with another story and some exciting news as well…

What’s new?

It’s been a busy month and I’m proud to announce that now you can play some really fun games right here on Card games planet! These games include the very popular and fun Governor of Poker. You can play the original as well as the sequel. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a few other Poker games, be sure to check it out:

I’m also somewhat proud of the fact that I managed to invent a new drinking game. Read more about it here:

Funny story of the month — A day in a poker players life… but which day?

(Based on a true story)

As a professional poker player it’s pretty common to lose track of time. Unusual sleeping schedule, playing for 24 hours straight and so on can really do that to a person.

So one night at a poker game a pretty simple question stir up a little more excitement than you would expect. It all started when one of the player asked another what day it is. The player replied confidently that it’s Tuesday, but another player jumped in and said »What’s wrong with you?! It’s Monday!«. That was the start of a pretty fierce debate on that one simple question, and like all arguments between gamblers, this one ended with a prop bet as well. So both players bet on their days and asked someone to actually check on a calender. The »judge« answered »Boys, it’s a split pot, you’re both wrong, it’s actually Wednesday!«

That’s all for this month! Enjoy!