Card Games Planet Newsletter, #001 Issue — Online Solitaire is Here!


001 issue of CGP newsletter — Online Solitaire is here!

Another 15th, another issue of Card Games Planet newsletter. Well, actually, this is the first issue, since the last one was just a sample:)

So let’s see what happened since last time…

What’s new?

The most notable thing since last time is probably the expansion of cardgamesplanet.coms’ Solitaire section. What basically happened was, I did away with something old and brought in something new. As a result you can now play spider and Klondike solitaire right here, without having to leave the site:

But don’t worry, if this isn’t enough for ya, you can still find a link to a dedicated Solitaire website right here:

Other than that nothing much happened… a few new drinking games, a page explaining about playing tarot card games online etc. Feel free to look around and discover the rest by yourselves:)

Funny story of the month — Stu Ungar story

This months funny story is actually more of a short quote or a short story. It’s something I read a while back(I don’t remember where) about the legendary poker and rummy player, Stu Ungar. In case you don’t know who he is, just google him. There was a movie made about his life called High Roller: The Stu Ungar story(I really recommend it) and at least one documentary that I know of.

Anyway, here’s one of the anecdotes/stories I read about him: At one point in his life he was walking around with so much money that he had a bodyguard escorting him. As practically nobody wanted to play rummy with him anymore, since he was too good, he played anyone that was willing. Onetime he played a notorious cheater and his bodyguard was standing next to him. At one point in the game the bodyguard leaned down and said: »You know he’s cheating, right?« and Stu answered: »I know… but I’m gonna get him anyway«……. and he did:)

That’s all for this month, I hope you enjoyed reading and have fun till next time!