Card building


Card building! Well, playing cards can be used to play games, but… they can also be used for other stuff, like building a card house!

Building a house of cards can be a devious, but rewarding task. Even dough it can get really frustrating when it keeps collapsing, there’s no better feeling than sitting back and looking at your creation with pride (well, there are better feelings, but it’s still pretty rewarding).

There are many ways you can build a house of cards. Card building is a complex and surprisingly well developed activity… if you google house of card you’ll find some pretty impressive creations. The thing is, I’m no expert, but I have made some nice creations when I set my mind (and time) to it and I’ll try to teach you how you can make a few your self.

So let’s see what we’ll learn here…

Tower of cards

Everyone knows this one. It’s the most basic of card houses around and every card builder beginner should start with it. It’s really easy to build and it will also help you practice some important skills like balancing, keeping steady hands, etc., also you shouldn’t lose too much sleep and nerves over it. So get building!


tower of cards

The pagoda

Pagodas are easy to build as well, but they do get tougher and tougher with every new layer you add. Still, this should definitely be the next thing you throw yourself in to after the basic tower and also, if you make it really high it looks quite impressive and you can brag to your friends! Another great thing about pagodas is that, when mastered, they can be used as building blocks for even more impressive structures. So get building!



For the end…

I’ll leave you with some solid advice for making card structures:

do it indoors (no wind)
make sure you don’t have a shaky table/floor
make sure you have enough cards
try not to use plastic cards (very slippery)
don’t have any animals (or annoying people) around that will knock down your works in progress

That’s it, enjoy card building and I hope you make some beautiful houses of cards!