How to Do the Butterfly Chip Trick


The butterfly chip trick is probably one of the most popular, awesome looking and hard to do chip tricks. You can be sure that you’ll need a lot of time to learn it and even more time and practice to master it. Because it’s so hard to do your hands will probably hurt if you practice too much, so be sure to not over do it.

OK, let’s see how it’s done…

Step 1.

Like in any other chip trick, you need to have the right grip for the butterfly as well. The grip is similar as when you are doing the thumb roll. The only two differences are that, you should put your pinky close to the top two chips and you should get your thumb ready on the bottom two chips.



Now you need to seperate the chips two-by-two. You should do this all at once, but let’s see how it’s done in steps anyway. First use your thumb to roll the two chips closest to your palm on to your index finger:


At the same time you should use your middle finger to push the other two chips down between your ring and pinky finger:


If you did it correctly, your middle finger should be in the middle of the two stacks and any-two fingers holding one stack should be opposite of each other. In otherwords, your grip should look like this:

Your thumb and your pinky should be touching your middle finger

In case this is not what it looks like, you can still make adjustments with your fingers, just make sure that chips don’t fall out of your hand.

Step 3.

This is the last part. You’ll have to fan out your two stacks of chips. Try fanning out the two chips between your thumb and index fingers first (it’s easier), just push out your thumb and roll the bottom chip on your index finger, while holding your top chip in place with your index and middle fingers, like this:


Now for the harder part of the fan, the two chips between your ring and pinky fingers. It’s basically the same as with the other two chips. Use your pinky to roll the bottom chip around the ring finger and out, while holding the top chip in place with your ring and middle fingers. Like this:


And there you go, you have a butterfly!


Useful tips:

  • If your hands start to hurt, take a break.
  • Try to keep dry hands, it”s easier to fan out.
  • Stretch your fingers first.

Enjoy making a butterfly!