Bluff Me


drinking card game

Bluff me is a really fun drinking card game. It involves a lot of communicating, out-right yelling and obviously drinking! If you want to get drunk and have a lot of fun doing it, then you definitely have to try this game.

What do you need?

Like with any other drinking card game you need:

  • a deck of cards
  • a few players
  • drinks

You can play this game with hard liquor, but my advice would be to start with some sort of cocktail shots. In case you have a lot of players, you can add an extra deck so that the game doesn’t end too quickly.

How it’s played

It’s a simple game. Each player gets 5 cards. All the cards that are left are spread face down across the table.

The dealer then turns up one of the face down cards. If a player has the same nomination card in his hand, he announces it and nominates another player to drink. There is a twist dough, players don’t have to show the card in their hand, so they can bluff (say they have the card in their hand when they actually don’t). The nominated player can call a bluff by saying »bluff me«, if he’s right, the bluffer has to drink double, if he’s wrong, that he has to drink double.

Game continues like this until all the face down card are turned over… or until all players are laying drunk under the table.

Have fun playing Bluff me and remember, play responsibly!