Best Card Games For Road Trips


Are you currently preparing for a road trip with children? If so, you will need to find ways to keep them entertained, while on the road. If children are bored, they will make your life inside a vehicle miserable.

One of the best forms of entertainment known to man is card playing. Believe it not, there are a variety of card games that are very entertaining and can be played inside of a vehicle. Below, you will discover exactly what these card games are and how they are played.


Bezique is a 1800s French card game that has evolved around the United States. In fact, former United States President Winston Churchill thoroughly enjoyed playing it. This particular card game is designed for two people, utilizing 64 cards ranging from 7s to aces.

To play Bezique, each player receives eight cards, which are divided into three groups. The first group will consist of three cards, the second group two cards and the third group three.

The next card in the deck will be turned, placing it on the bottom of the draw pile, but leave a portion sticking out so it will be visible. This card, “upcard”, designates the suit that will be trump. The dealer will instantly earn 10 points in the upcard turns out to be a seven.

The leader is the person who is not dealing. The key to winning Bezique is trying to get the highest trump in each trick. The highest card wins, if the trump card is missing.


Cribbage is a unique card game that utilizes pegs, cribbage board and a full deck with 52 cards, excluding the jokers. While you will not win an online casino bonus in this game, it is extremely fun and entertaining. This particular card game is great for both short and long road trips, as it only requires about 30 minutes to complete.

The first step required to play cribbage is setting up the board. Once the board is set up, it will be time to get down to business. Scores are calculated utilizing the two pegs each. If you do not have access to pegs, you can utilize pencil and paper for this purpose.

The key to winning cribbage is scoring 121 points first. At this point, the game is considered complete. This is a slightly complicated game that requires some practice to come out on top.

Crazy Eights

Just about everyone in the United States has partaken in a game of crazy eights. This particular card game is extremely popular, but can go on for hours. Crazy eights card game requires a standard deck of 52 cards.

The game starts out with the dealer dealing every player eight cards from the deck. When only two players are playing, the dealer will only deal them seven cards. For games with more than five players, two decks of cards will be needed to play the game correctly. The remaining cards are positioned in the center of the table, so players can draw from it.