The Bad Beat


drinking card game

OK, you probably never heard of this drinking card game before, that’s because the bad beat drinking game is my invention. Yes, that is what happens when you are bored, you make up drinking games… well at least I do.

What do you need?

As far as drinks go, you’ll need a couple of beers and a carton of milk… yes, milk. Also, you’ll obviously need a deck of cards and a few players. A table and a few chairs would also be nice, but that’s up to you.

How do you play?

The inspiration for the bad beat drinking game come to me from poker, more specifically the bad beat jackpots that a lot of online poker sites have.

So, what do you do… you first pick a poker game, or a player can pick a different poker game each round, and you deal out hands and the board face up. The player with the winning hand then deals out one or more shots of beer(you can set the number according to the number of players, or maybe different numbers for different strength hands, your choice).

Here’s the sexy part… like in bad beat jackpots online, set a hand strength that is the borderline hand with which you have to lose to »win the jackpot«. For example, you win, if you lose a full house AAA22 or higher. Well, the »jackopt« for the losing player is, instead of a prize, a shot of milk.

If you don’t get why that is a bad beat, you probably never drunk beer and milk at the same time

Enjoy and remember to play responsibly!